Tablet Takeover: 21 Benefits of Mobility in Construction

The construction industry is one of the largest industries no matter where you go. Between the contribution to the economy, impact on infrastructure, and ability to tackle large-scale projects, it’s important for construction firms to be constantly improving their systems and technology to provide the best service with sustainable margins. The entrance of tablet technology into the construction industry offers both small and large firms the ability to easily manage people, data, and documents more efficiently, sustainably, and productively. While it’s obvious that increased mobility is a catalyst for a number of improvements for contractors and other members of the construction industry, you may not realize how vast the benefits really are.

At Linked Plans, we understand that mobile technology and tablet computers are transforming the construction industry, which is why our hyperlinked construction documents are compatible with virtually every computer and mobile device available today. The ability to view, manage, and access project documents from a mobile device is just one example of the impact of tablet technology, here are 21 other benefits of tablets and mobile technology for the construction industry:

  1. Save money
  2. Increase productivity on the job site and in the office
  3. Improve profit margins
  4. Access any project data from anywhere
  5. Access any project data in real time
  6. Save time searching for information, documents, RFIs, data, and more
  7. Contractors become more active by utilizing mobile technology to track projects, communicate with employees, access information and more
  8. Better communication among contractors, employees, subcontractors, and other members of projects
  9. Ability to improve workflow with detailed data and analytics
  10. Ease of saving and transferring information in a secure setting
  11. Ability to integrate with existing systems
  12. Manage, access, and review all project documents quickly and easily
  13. Take and share project photos and updates
  14. Ability to employ a number different apps and software to manage tasks and projects
  15. Access to cloud technology
  16. Reduce job site mishandling or robbery with RFID and resource tracking technology
  17. Light and highly portable
  18. Option to have remote face-to-face meetings
  19. Access to installation videos or instructions at the job site
  20. All-in-one tool for a number of functions: calculator, map, phone, web browsing, notepad, stopwatch, storm tracking, and more
  21. More sustainable than using paper blueprints, RFIs, or other project documents

Tablet technology has the power to pinpoint and reduce inefficiencies throughout all parts of the project cycle. Since contractors have the ability to access virtually any information about a project with the tap of a button, it’s easier for all members of the project to be up-to-date on improvements and timelines. The number of apps and software available for download on mobile devices also has the ability to transform a tablet into nearly any tool a contractor would need. Rather than spending money on a number of different services, a mobile device is able to wrap a countless number of tools into one easy-to-use and reliable source. Having project information organized and readily available also helps when it comes to managing multiple projects at the same time. Organizing your files and tools for individual projects and various project sizes is easy to do, which will save time formerly spent searching for files or organizing documents.

Another large and obvious benefit of employing tablet technology in the construction industry is sustainability. As the construction industry and individual firms are pushing towards more green technology, building materials, and construction methods, tablets are able to cut down on paper and other antiquated and unsustainable systems. Since your mobile device can serve as an all-in-one tool, tablet technology is able to cut out inefficiencies and unnecessary processes throughout the entire supply chain and project lifecycle.

Since our Linked Plans hyperlinking services are compatible with virtually with any mobile device, you can trust that viewing and managing your project documents will be another seamless and productive function of your tablet. At Linked Plans, we’re a service provider not a software provider, which means that our work is engrained in the PDF documents we create, allowing you to utilize whichever PDF viewer or software you prefer. Also, by utilizing existing cloud based collaboration software, we can create a project specific network that fits the size of your project. If you’re ready to bring your tablet or mobile device to the next level, contact us to learn more about integrating Linked Plans into your current systems.