Upgraded Plans, No New Software

When you choose Linked Plans, you’re choosing a product that’s compatible with virtually every computer, mobile device, and document project management software. We’re not a software provider, but a service provider so you can utilize whatever PDF viewer that you and your team prefers. Our work is engrained in the PDF documents that we create, giving you the freedom to choose the software that works best for you.

Linked Plans will integrate seamlessly with your current document management system, such as SharePoint, Share File, Box, and most other document and project management software. Are you looking to add more than RFIs and submittals to your drawings? With digital blueprints compatible with virtually any computer or mobile device, you can add photos, BIM snapshots, CAD files, and more to your plans. Whether you’re on or off the jobsite, or viewing your drawings from a Mac, PC, iPad, Android, or Windows 8 device, all of your plans and documents will be readily available for you and your team to use and edit as you please.

Don’t worry about purchasing new software or being limited to what you can add to your plans. Our hyperlinked construction drawings are here to simplify your document and project management processes so that you can spend more time focusing on your build. Give us a call today to learn more about how our digital blueprints can work for you.