Three Ways Hyperlinked Plans Improve Job Site Efficiency

You’ve been there. You’re on the job site, trying to collect all of your paperwork and blueprints while calling to update your subcontractors about changes to the build, and attempting to manage your team as your client is calling to get the latest update on the status of the project. When you work with Linked Plans, we take care of this process for you using digital hyperlinked blueprints to save you time and job site hassle. Here’s three ways hyperlinked construction drawings can improve your job site efficiency:


  • Greater reliability – Don’t worry about keeping track of countless RFI’s and the endless blueprint changes that come along with any project. Hyperlinked plans allow you to have all of your paperwork and blueprint changes at the tip of your fingers, without worrying about lost paperwork.
  • More mobility – Whether you’re on or off the job site, Linked Plans allows you to access your plans anywhere from your iPad or tablet.
  • Easy communication with synchronous updates – Don’t worry about updating your subcontractors and your team about changes to the project. Linked construction drawings will send your team updates to your project as they happen.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your builds, hyperlinked construction documents allow you to make changes, keep track of documents, and communicate with your team synchronously from anywhere. Contact us to learn more about how to get digital construction documents to work for your next project!