The End of Paper Blueprints

It seems as if every industry is slowly making their way into the digital space. Business offices, doctors, and schools are all taking steps towards “going paperless,” cutting down waste and simplifying processes for cleaner, more efficient communication and record keeping. It’s no surprise that the construction industry is hopping on board and making the switch to digital blueprints for greater job site efficiency, costs cuts, and environmental awareness.  

An estimated 37,800,000 blueprints are printed by the reprographic industry per year, resulting in a loss of 42,000 trees annually just for blueprinting. Before construction even begins, blueprints are often printed and reprinted by architects, project managers, contractors, and engineers, then printed over and over again throughout the project. Digital blueprints allow the construction industry to adopt more sustainable practices, while also streamlining their processes with real time project updates and hyperlinked RFI’s for easy communication and access for the whole team.

Project managers can use a tablet or iPad to track orders, make changes to drawings, and check on the status of projects without flipping through piles of paperwork. In this digital age, there’s no reason not to update your system to digital blueprints! Between the environment and your team, your subcontractors and architects, everyone can benefit from making the switch from outdated paper plans to modern and efficient digital blueprints. Give us a call today to learn more!