Hyperlinked Plans to Help Throughout the Project Lifecycle

From the very beginning to the final closeout of your project, hyperlinked construction documents help to eliminate errors and improve communication across all channels of the project lifecycle. Not only are digital blueprints cost effective and easy to navigate, they allow for more consistent, accurate, and timely project document generation. Rather than creating new blueprints for each change and each participant throughout the project lifecycle, digital blueprints grow as the project does.

From early design plans, procurement, and subcontractor meetings to build changes and project closeout, Linked Plans is here to help you each step of the way. Upon completion of hyperlinking, Linked Plans will provide training and support to give your team the tools to effectively and efficiently maintain your contract documents. If you don’t have time to make revisions to your drawings, we can help. Our team will slip sheet in revisions and create and integrated history set for you. Here’s how Linked Plans can help you throughout the life of your next project:

Management of Building Information Models: In addition to your RFIs and submittals, hyperlinked documents allow you to add virtually any file type to your construction documents. As your team creates their plans, hyperlinked documents allow you to add an unlimited amount users to the cloud-based software for easy collaboration. As soon as you say “go,” our team can hyperlink your plans within a matter of days so that you can start your projects sooner and continuously update them as your project grows.

Construction Management: Whether you’re at the jobsite or at the office, your hyperlinked construction documents are available anywhere from your tablet or ipad. Since our digital documents don’t require any new software or specific hardware, you can easily view your drawings from virtually any computer or mobile device using whatever PDF viewer/software you prefer. As you make changes throughout the project lifecycle, Linked Plans allow you to synchronously update your whole team for easier management and more efficient communication. Material and subcontractor information can be easily extracted as the scope of work is isolated and defined since information is able to be navigated quickly and clearly. Custom hyperlinks also allow you to easily compare architectural, structural, and MEP work within the same space.

Facility Operation: Since your hyperlinked construction drawings show extensive and dynamic information about your project, the digital construction document can be helpful when passing along information to a design team, facility operator, or property owner. This is also helpful for building maintenance and operation well after construction is over. Digital drawings also eliminate the time and hassle associated with closeout. Your closeout drawings will be ready to turn over at the same time as building CO, without any added work by your team.

Adding digital documents to your business model allows small firms the same economies of scale as large-scale competitors. Since our hyperlinked plans are cost-effective and won’t require any new hardware or software, Linked Plans is an effective way to integrate more efficient technology into your builds. The cost of paper is expensive and wasteful, which is why Linked Plans is happy to work with reprographic budgets for more effective and sustainable building solutions. Starting at only $5 per sheet, our services are designed to get you up and running quickly and within budget. We custom generate a list of options for each project to give you the fastest possible set of hyperlinked drawings for your project.

Having dynamic, digital plans for your construction projects allow for improved mobility, reliability, and collaboration throughout all phases of construction. As your Central Florida source for digital construction documents, we’re here to help your construction projects run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Rather than spending time searching through piles of paper, trust our digital documents to streamline your project management and building processes. To learn more about how Linked Plans can help improve the communication and management of your next build, contact us today.