Construction in the Cloud

These days everyone seems to be talking about “the cloud” and its implications for business and personal use, but what really is this mysterious “cloud” containing endless information and why does it matter for the construction industry? The “cloud” has various definitions, some describe the cloud as a network of virtual servers that users can use to access information through internet access and others think of the cloud as any application outside of a company’s firewall. “Moving to the cloud” allows businesses to expand their data capacity without investing in any new IT infrastructure, which has huge cost-saving and ease-of-use benefits for all users.

For the construction industry, the cloud has the ability to improve communication across all channels of operation without breaking the bank. Not only do construction firms need to manage “back of the house” duties such as billing, finances, and invoices, but they also need to manage logistics across a varying number of jobsites and communicate with an ever-changing network of people. Employees, whether in the office or at the construction site, need timely access to information and decision-makers, which is where the cloud makes a huge impact. Cloud technology allows for a consistent and reliable channel of communication and source of data for all employees with access to the internet.

From clients to subcontractors, cloud technology can also help with collaboration among the vast networks of people involved in a project. Transparency and accountability are extremely important throughout the construction industry and being able to communicate with all members of a project in an accurate and timely manner is a key to success. Having access to the required information for decision-making as it’s needed helps to eliminate communication errors and mistakes throughout the supply chain. The increasing need for mobility in the construction industry also makes adopting cloud-based software an obvious necessity. Having access to information from any tablet, mobile device, or computer has been improving jobsite communication and empowering employees to increase productivity and interest in projects.

At Linked Plans, we believe in the benefits of the cloud, which is why our hyperlinked construction documents utilize cloud-based collaboration software. Here are three big reasons why we use cloud hosting for your hyperlinked plans:

  1. Economy of scale benefits for smaller firms: Since our hyperlinked drawings are hosted on the cloud, small businesses are allowed the same economies of scale as large construction firms without the development and maintenance cost. With Linked Plans, small firms have access to the latest technology, best cloud hosting, and real-time hyperlinking services without having to invest in expensive in-house infrastructure or technology upgrades.
  2. Cost control: Cloud hosting and per-page pricing allows you to control the cost of your construction documents. At only $5 per page, we can hyperlink your drawings for you so that you don’t need to worry about the extra cost of hiring an employee with the required technical skills. Since all of the documents are cloud hosted, you also don’t need to invest in any new IT equipment. Your team will benefit from all the technology big business has to offer at a reasonable low-cost entry rate.
  3. Reliability: When you’re in the field, it’s critical to have all team members on the same page. Our hyperlinked plans allow you to keep everyone up-to-date on projects in real time. Cloud hosting keeps your documents safe and accessible without the threat of an internal server error or glitch so that you can access them anytime and anywhere.

The huge shift towards cloud-based technology has allowed for a number of improvements to the construction industry as a whole. Since the cloud is able to hold virtually an unlimited amount of information, technology has expanded to be able to produce meaningful data for nearly every aspect of design and construction. Connected sensor technology, the Internet of Things, and Smart Cities, are changing the world with their ability to identify problems, improve efficiency, and provide feedback on the efficiency and performance throughout every part of a system.

Technology has come a long way since the development of the internet and it’s truly changing the face of modern construction and business. Advancements have been able to improve systems, cut costs, and drive success for both big and small firms. If your business is ready to “make the move” to cloud by implementing hyperlinked construction documents into your operations, contact us today to learn more! As your Melbourne source for digital blueprints, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in technology and digital document control.