BIM Booms in 2016

In the next year, analysts predict the construction industry to grow by 6%, with the value of construction reaching an estimated $712 billion. New technology, homebuyer preferences, and workforce concerns are all areas to watch in the next year as business booms and industry demands increase. According to experts, BIM will become a necessity to both contractors and owners as more firms are opting to utilize the technology. At Linked Plans, we understand how important this technology already is for the construction industry, which is why all of our digital blueprints allow for BIM snapshots and various other file types to be seamlessly integrated into our digital documents.

By 2022, Transparency Market Research expects the global BIM market to reach $11.54 billion, an $8.94 billion increase from 2014. The use of digital models in construction provides countless tangible benefits to contractors, including more consistent, accurate, and timely project document generation. Digital documents also allow for greater collaboration and coordination throughout all channels of construction and within all involved parties, including subcontractors, suppliers, and architects.

Although BIM is already widely accepted throughout the construction industry, digital construction models are expected to become even more widely utilized in the next year. In the United Kingdom, all contractors will be required to “BIM-ready” in the next year to allow for greater construction efficiency. With digital construction documents from Linked Plans, all involved parties can benefit from a collaborative information exchange and greater project efficiency. Any file type can be posted and hyperlinked into our digital blueprints, to include photos, BIM snapshots, and CAD files. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and collaboration throughout each phase of your project, Linked Plans is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of hyperlinked construction documents.