Our Mission and Vision

Linked Plans is an innovative team of Construction Managers dedicated to technology for the builder. We have backgrounds in Construction Project Management and understand every detail of document control.

Through our experiences in the industry, it became obvious that the document control techniques commonly used throughout the industry were outdated. We also witnessed a decrease in Construction Document quality, which compounded with outdated processes, created a very difficult task to efficiently provide accurate documents to all team members.

It is our belief that the construction industry is moving at a faster pace every year – some might say too fast. Over the past two decades the industry has shifted towards fast track conception, design, and construction. While this may be favorable to Owners in the industry, fast processes have their setbacks.

Technology has allowed for enhanced communication and collaboration between teams and companies. Information is vital to any construction project, and sharing this information is equally important. There are many means of communication and sharing – effective and simple means are the best.

Our mission at Linked Plans is to let technology work for the builder. There are many resources that can be utilized to “catch up” with the speed of the Construction Industry. It is vital that technology be multi-platform, so that individuals and team members of the entire project can reap the benefits.

Our vision is to provide a product and service that benefits the entire project team. From project executives to foremen, every single member of a Construction Job plays a vital role in the success of that project. Organized and accurate information are needed by all members to ensure the construction in the field is true and correct.

With our experience in Construction Management Software and Technology we can provide your project with a cost friendly and highly effective means of document control.

Put the paper drawings away! Pick up your tablet and never wonder if your documents are current again.