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Wherever You Go

The Entire Team Up-To-Date

From Anywhere

Added Time to Focus on Building

Updated Drawings in Realtime

Clients Who Use Our Services:

Complete Document Control

Navigate Faster

Custom hyperlinks that connect you to all the information that you need.

VectorIllustrations 04-07Start Sooner

Start SoonerEntire Projects Organized,
Optimized, and Linked within days.

Complete Document Control

Compare Easily

Custom Hyperlinks allow you to easily compare Architectural, Structural, and MEP work within the same space.

VectorIllustrations 04-04Cost Effective

Paper is expensive and wasteful.
Linked Plans costs much less than reprographic budgets, while being much more effective.

Smart & SimpleVectorIllustrations 04-05

Linked Plans is effective for office and field staff. Setup is a breeze and all the information you need is just a few taps away.

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Endless Possibilities

Each project is completely customized, giving your team exactly what you need for your project.

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No New Software

Don’t worry about needing to train your team for new software.
Keep your existing systems!

Full SupportVectorIllustrations 04-09

Linked Plans assigns an experienced Project Manager for every single project that we have. Just call your Project Manager to discuss anything you need.


Document Posting

Our team of Construction Managers will digitally integrate RFIs and Accessory Documents into the Contract Documents. Track the entire lifecycle of an RFI and tie that information straight to your drawings.

VectorIllustrations 04-10Drawing Review

Our team will identify drawing
inaccuracies for you.

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Closeout Is A Breeze

Eliminate the time and hassle associated with closeout. You closeout drawings will be ready to turn over at the same time as building CO, without any added work by your team.